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What does `occupational safety` mean for me?

It means a kind of mission which purpose is to support an employer in providing safe working conditions in the comprehensive meaning of this term, conditions that will reduce the risk of workplace accidents and hazards to minimum. 

It means making aware of the importance of safe working conditions by means 

of training events, implementing standards and improving them once they are 

in place. Those are just three of the many tools which I find effective.


The process takes two sides working together if it is to bring good fruit. 


My relevant standards include an open-mind attitude to the new and changing environment as well. Owing to that, it is possible to optimise actions, thus making them simpler and more effective.

General business offer


How can i support you?

My relevant professional experience in the power, steelworks, construction and plastics industries means that there are few limits for my field of action. I adopt an individual approach to every single project because it matters to me that a Customer be fully satisfied with our collaboration. Please, feel invited to visit my account on LinkedIn, where you can find more information about my qualifications, experience and achievements.


internal - conducted with the application of a company's own standards

external – involving an independent expert`s assessment

preparing to ISO 45001 certification

'OHS for hire'

the full scope of staff replacement for an arranged period of time

preparing and training OHS staff to work in a company

standard OHS services
in the course of projects


of documents, including audit records, in the aspect of compliance with the Polish law

(including the environment protection regulations)

of the progress made by
a company


For many years, I have been conducting a business activity, mostly in the field
of Occupational Health and Safety. 


Since 2011, I have been supporting Polish and foreign business organisations, assisting them to ensure OHS in their working environments and improve its level. As well as that, by means of participating in both internal and external audits, I verify the progress made by businesses.


I perfect my workshop through continuous education and acquiring ever new experience. In addition to that, my passion for management contributes

to raising the efficiency of my own actions. Not only do both of those factors combined definitely improve the level of OHS, but, as well, build up rapport between the OHS department and the entire labour force of a company.


Pursuing a career in the field of OHS allows me to take to my tasks and be in one’s element and the fact I work with passion allows me to be extra efficient.